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The Pedilicious Pedicure Sandals

When Pedilicious Footwear CEO & Founder Premise Martin created the Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal, she designed it with wellness in mind.

Martin understands that modern women lead busy lives, but we also want to look stylish and relieve stress, wherever we can. Sometimes that starts with the feet. After all, what we wear on our feet can have a huge impact on the amount of relative stress in our day!

A recent survey of 1,000 U.S. adults conducted by The American Podiatric Medical Association showed that nearly half of all women (49 percent) wear high heels, although 71 percent complain that heels hurt their feet. For any woman who wants a glamorous–and comfortable!–every-day alternative to heels or to flimsy flip flops, the Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal is perfect. 

Our Founder’s Story

Premise Martin, CEO + Founder,

Pedilicious Footwear + Prettylicious

Like most out-of-the-box inventions, the Pedilicious Pedicure Sandals were created purely by accident.

CEO + Founder Premise Martin was rushing to catch a plane after a pedicure. She was wearing the requisite paper flip flops and toe separators, which not only ripped and looked sloppy, they left her boarding the flight barefoot, with a badly smudged pedicure!

In her heart, Martin knew that other women must have shared this experience, and she became obsessed with finding a solution. It didn’t take long before she launched her company, Pedilicious Footwear, with one product, the Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal. The Sandal is a unique, stylish and sturdy designer flip-flop with semi-arch support and adjustable four-prong toe-separators, made of ribbon, designed to be worn before, during and after a pedicure. Less than a year later, Martin developed the Prettylicious line of natural and organic foot-care products, “for the health and well-being of your body and soles!,” she says.

Pedilicious Footwear went on to become an HSN American Dream Winner and a sell-out at the Essence Festival. It is now available at Macy’s. A South Carolina native, Martin divides her time between New Jersey and North Carolina. She was a finalist for Shark Tank, and she is scheduled to appear on HSN this fall.

A former radio show host and singer/songwriter, Martin believes in giving back, and she works to empower young people around the country with her motivational speaking. She is a member of Two Ten Footwear Foundation, and her new book, The Boss Way: An Inventor’s Journey, chronicles how she turned her entrepreneurial spirit into action–and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

The Boss Way by Premise Martin

 Premise Martin, CEO + Founder

This book was written for those entrepreneurial newbies to server as a start up guide to inspire creative minds, souls, and inventors alike. By sharing her journey, Martin hopes to pass on knowledge gained and help others follow their passion and capture their dreams.

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