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Practical and stylish, The Pedilicious Pedicure Sandal is the brainchild of CEO + Founder Premise Martin. Like many great inventions, it was born out of necessity, after Martin invested in a pricey pedicure, only to have it ruined as a result of flimsy nail salon footwear.
Martin decided to solve the problem for herself and other women, with a unique invention: a stylish, sturdy designer flip-flop with semi-arch support and adjustable four-prong toe-separators, made of ribbon, intended to be worn to and from the spa or nail salon, and comfortable enough for an entire day’s wear. With the successful launch of Pedilicious, Martin soon expanded her business and launched Pretty Licious, a natural and organic skincare line for the feet.
PediLicious Footwear Pedicure Sandals
  • $30.00